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 Character Bio Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Bio Sheet   Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:39 pm


.:Picture Here:.

[i]Full Name[/i]:



[i]Blood Type[/i]:

[i]Hair/Eye Color[/i]:


[b]Basic Info[/b]:




[b]Cursed Gear Info:[/b]
[i]Weapon Of Choice[/i]:
[i]Weapon Name[/i]:
[i]Weapon Type[b][color=#ff3300](Manifestation or Possession)[/color][/b][/i]:
[i]Weapon Class[b][color=#ff3300](Myo-O, Wisdom Kings, Bodhisattva, Yaksha, Black Demon Series)[/color][/b][/i]:
[i]Weapon Abilities[/i]:

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Character Bio Sheet
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