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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:20 pm

Please be sure to read through all these accordingly and thoroughly to avoid any problems. I'm not a rule fiend so these are set as fair for everyone so things remain peaceful. Break them at all you will be banned for a short time if not permanently depending on which you break -SakuraHiragi


I. No spamming non site or anime related things allowed. We don't need to see any links to advertising sites, porn, dirty crap, and what not. If you're caught doing this you'll be warned once and a second time is a automatic ban.

II. Be nice to the other members, I don't need to see any squabbles over anything if you have an issue take it to me and I'll handle said person accordingly.

III. Be respectful to the staff our decisions are final and that's all there is too it.

IV. No porn or yaoi or hentai on this site if anyone posts any of those pictures on here you'll be banned automatically.

V. There will be no racism, swearing, or any trolling of anyone at any time on this site.

VI. Keep things PG 13 on this site you never know if there's someone underage around who might see something that's not very good for them.

VII. Do not beg, plead, or whine, or bring real life drama onto this forum, what happens outside this site stays outside.

RPG Rules:

I. No god modding allowed, as in let the other person have their turn in the story.

II. Keep writing to PG13 blood and gore and such is fine but anything outside that line is not allowed

III. No over ridiculous powers, abilities, or superly over power characters, as every character must have at least one or two good weaknesses.

IV. Please be sure to label topics accordingly as in "PG13 or Mature".

V. No jumping into RP's labeled as Private unless invited.

VI. Yaoi and Yuri rp's are allowed as long as you label the topic as "Mature".

Chat Box Rules:

I. No swearing allowed or any profanity of any kind will be tolerated within the chat box.

II. No constant spamming within the chat box of any kind. Links to websites not anime or youtube related are okay but any advertising will mean an automatic kick out of the box.

III.  If anyone is harassing you or another person within the chat box please screen shot and let us know about it so we can handle it.

IV. Do not instigate, provoke, or fight within the chat box.

VI. Lastly have fun!

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Site Rules
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